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Some hill country history and area attractions. Charlie Cain, an investor in the San Antonio-Fredericksburg railroad, gave this location its special name – Inspiration Hill – back in 1914. In fact, Cain City railroad station stood on the lower end of this property, and relics of that bygone era can still be seen down there and on the neighbors' land. After many ups and downs, the railroad was liquidated and all the iron was shipped to Chicago during the second world war to make tanks. The tunnel that was burrowed to get the train through the hill (and over 45-odd trellises) to and from San Antonio, is now the home to thousands of Mexican bats that migrate to Texas in summer. A visit to this state park is an easy drive about 9 miles south.

The famous town of Luckenbach, with its dancehall, bar, and general store is just 4 miles down the road. There's always a local songster plucking his guitar and giving forth a sulky ballad or a rowdy tale of the tough life. Beer and curly fries enhance the experience.

Our resident deer and other wildlife will entertain you every day around sunrise and sunset. They cross the driveway near the fence and head down the property. You’ll also see them behind the house in the saddle that draws in southerly breezes.

Enchanted Rock is definitely worth a visit. A climb provides some of the best views around. You’ll see grandmas as welll as toddlers making the trek. As dificult as it may look, it only takes about 30 minutes to get to the top. And that’s taking time for water and rest breaks. It’s 18 miles up RR 965 from just west of town center.

Many area vineyards offer wine tastings year round and even grape stomps in the fall. Peach picking all summer long. Tubing on the Guadalupe River, rafting or canoeing on the Llano River, all an easy drive.

Great food, lots of shopping, antiques, wine, beer and tea rooms provide something for everyone.